pretty bunting

1 Nov 2011

I ordered some bunting for my stall for the Niche market
I could have made some myself by quite frankly I just don't have the time. 
I ordered this bunting from someone who obviously loves making bunting and playing with different fabrics, someone who bought one of my dolls last Christmas for her beautiful daughter.

 I like that,
 I have something made with love by Luisa
 and she has something made with love by me.

I love this handmade world.

3 Responses to “pretty bunting”

  1. I love this handmade world, too! I've made so many buntings! There isn't room for them in my classroom or my house anymore! It's such a good idea though! I'll keep making it! Your corner looks very Jenny Wren COZY!

  2. Pretty!!!!
    In India during festivals we have buntings made with fresh flowers put on our entry way .. Its auspicious ..
    But I love the western way of decorating with fabric buntings ...
    Have you ever seen the Indian way of decorating with flowers especially the orange ones...


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