out the back

3 Nov 2011

Hanging out in the back garden today, doing some dolly stuffing and stitching and knitting.

I went down the bottom of the garden earlier this morning and was shouted at very loudly by a pair of birds that I couldn't see who obviously think this is their private garden to raise their little one in.
 Flapping from tree to tree, screeching and being very cross.
 I left them to it. 

Parsley going to seed

carrots going to seed

Elder tree in flower

baby nectarines

3 Responses to “out the back”

  1. It's deep into Autumn here, but I love seeing all your bits of Spring!

  2. Oh...that sounds just heavenly! Our fall and winter are just now starting...
    I love fall though, I love it's colors. Not crazy about winter, except that brings my boys home :)




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