little dot

30 Nov 2011


Look a this little dot, made in the days before I blushed my dolls cheeks, made back in 2006 or earlier, I can't quite remember without searching for her card.
 Each doll I make has a card with the customers details and the dolls details.
 I didn't put blush on my dolls then because my daughter didn't like it.

This doll was made for a friend's daughter and her hair was an experiment.
 No knitted cap under the hair I just stitched each and every strand straight onto the scalp.
 It took forever but I loved the result though I could only ever use it with fine non fuzzy yarn.

This is one of my favourite doll outfits and one of my favourite cardigans that I reproduced in various forms many times but never exactly the same. 
 They don't make that yarn any more.
I love its rich colours.

2 Responses to “little dot”

  1. It is indeed a cute outfit...I love mixed patterns..stripes with flowers, gingham with pictures
    :) Alison

  2. Another beauty... she is so pretty! I love those leggings! I love the cardigan too. I love knitted things but I can crochet much better than I can knit. :)


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