30 Nov 2011

Vintage doll dress, the picture that used to be on my bedroom wall and one of my Charlie Brown badges from the 1970s

Awoke before dawn to crashing thunder and driving rain and wondered whether this would mean that I would have to miss the sweet dawn chorus that has been greeting me every morning for weeks. 
The raucous bunch have moved on and only the sweetest singers have decided to stay and be my early morning wake up call.

Last day of November and so much to do yet with dolls to be finished and posted off but I feel in a good place.
 Gone are the days when I could work from the very early morning to late at night getting more and more cranky and exhausted and guilty for putting my family through the stress of my lack of organisation.

Things take the time they take, it will get done, lists are my best friend, the master list and the daily list written each evening and re read each morning. 
The lists that guide my day and lead me from one step to the next and make certain there is always something for dinner each evening and that bills get paid and school parties are not forgotten
 ( most of the time).

4 Responses to “Lists”

  1. Hi Jenny. I noticed Hobart's temp yesterday on the weather report -- 29! I wondered how things were for you. We have this strangely humid weather too, with storms at odd times and cold changes coming through every so often.

    Like you I'm a list maker, but I let the lists slip over the past month or two and then found myself in a cranky stressed place. I'm back to the list making and feeling better about things.

    Have a good productive day.

  2. It was lovely to read your lovely comment on my blog the other day, thankyou!

    I have found making a list the night before has transformed my life too.

    The Douglas Stewart poem is very beautiful too, I never read poetry these days and you have just inspired me to add that to my list!

  3. Rose we have had warm weather cold weather storms, humidity, everything but snow really

  4. what a lovely post. So wise. I've been snappy at my family recently and oh my gorsh, for WHAT?! making things for other people? My family needs to come first.


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