Elisabeth , the first

28 Nov 2011

First doll, made in 1998

In 1997 my third child , my daughter was born.
Early the following year I met up with a group of women all interested in Steiner education.
With this group I made my very first Steiner/Waldorf inspired doll, a cushion doll that was gleefully thrown out of Kate's pram when we were running full tilt to catch the Glenelg tram and so it was lost forever.

Later that year I was privileged to go to a dollmaking class run by a German lady who had been making dolls for many years.
Our materials were basic, no special doll skin fabric was used instead we made our dolls from t shirt jersey fabric stained in a strong solution of tea. 
The lack of elasticity in the fabric meant there were a few neck wrinkles but not too bad.
The yarn for the hair had been dyed with onion skins.

  First doll, made in 1998

The construction of the doll was different to the method I use today.
 The arms and legs are sewn onto the trunk of the doll using ladder stitch which makes the hip and shoulder joints quite flexible but the dolls I made with this pattern had difficulty sitting down. 
I only ever made a handful of dolls using this pattern and then went on to develop my own based on a combination of what my daughter wanted in a doll and what I wanted.

Now, some 13 years later, when I make the time I would love to revisit this pattern, make a doll and compare it to the original little one I made so long ago with my inexperienced hands.
I would love to see what these hands that have now made 100s of dolls will do with the pattern of my teacher. 

Will the new doll look anything like my dear old Elisabeth I wonder.

  First doll, made in 1998

3 Responses to “Elisabeth , the first”

  1. We can't wait to see her (or him). All your dolls are beautiful so I'm sure this one will be to. Experience is a wonderful thing. I crochet and I love it that after 5 years I can make anything I want and know it will probably turn out. Linda S. from Canada

  2. It will be interesting to compare them! Elisabeth is a sweetie.


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