A deal is a deal

30 Nov 2011

Mum and I have this unspoken deal. 
She won't buy herself any magazines or books because she says she can't afford them but she is happy to 'borrow' from my sister and me.
 So I buy the kinds of books Mum likes to read and thumb through them and then pass them on.
 I have taken to buying the Women's Weekly every month and  I give it a quick flick through and then just happen to mention to Mum that I have finished with it if she would like a look through and she happily takes it home.
 By the way did you see this lovely tea towel that came with the magazine a couple of months ago. 
I didn't hand this on to Mum, a deal only goes so far.

2 Responses to “A deal is a deal”

  1. Yes Jenny, I not only saw it, I bought it as well. Mine is a keeper too!

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  2. Love that cover shot...she looks totally in command of her kitchen :-)



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