7 Oct 2011

Sometimes a doll forces itself into my mind.
 I gather the things I think I will use, a collection  of dollie makings and then let it brew a while.
 Long time ago now I bought some woollen jersey with the idea of making a doll completely from wool, apart from the threads and the inner head liner that is.

And that was it I moved no further ahead.

Now I have made a head, a head for a 16" doll and I have covered it this warm woollen fabric.
 I have begun to collect fabric and yarns for her; for her underwear and socks and shoes, for her skirt and cardigan and hat. 

 I will enjoy the process as much as the finished doll.

Sometimes a doll just has to be made, but in its own time


My inspiration  for this doll, deep in my heart is mini me.

This is a picture of me and my big brother when I was about 4.
This was taken in the springtime at the Cataract Gorge, the scene of many happy memories for my family.

My brother wanted to be tearing around with my cousin Chris but he had to stay still long enough to have his photo taken.
I can still remember this day.
We were having a family picnic which of course included my cousins from next door and Michael, the boy from up the street who I thought was rather nice.
I think my little sister was fussing while this photo was being taken.

Many little girls from the late 50s and  early 60s remember being dressed in a kilt and hand knit jumper.
 I had one that was very bright and pretty but it was very itchy and the other was more muted tones and very soft. 
Because of the lack of a waist in little ones these 'skirts' had a plain cotton singlet shaped top to keep the skirt in place, very comfortable actually  but tricky when organising a blouse and jumper to wear as well.

My mum even made my doll Colleen a matching kilt and vest set complete with a little knitted jumper

Colleen, my childhood dolly

6 Responses to “wool”

  1. That photo is just gorgeous, I love the look on your brother's face, priceless.

    I was a late 60s baby so a littley in the 70s, but I remember those kilts and scratchy jumpers. I always loved those big pins to hold the skirt closed.

    cheers Kate

  2. Awwww! What a sweet story and what little cuties you & your brother were!
    This doll will be special. :o)

  3. Love this story! Such a cute picture of you and your brother. I also remember wearing kilts with the big pins to keep them closed. My grandmother was fortunate enough to travel the world with my step grandfather and bought my sisters and me kilts from Scotland along with the tams. Thank you for bringing up the fun memory.

  4. What a great mom! Isn't just so special to have had "matching" clothing with your doll? I do that for my younger daughter and she loves it.

    On a different train of thought...I don't know how it is in Australia but in the US it seems wool isn't well liked. I think it used to be because I know my mother wore wool as a child. I frequent thrift stores a lot and there are always bunches of beautiful wool cardigans and sweaters. To me, wool speaks of warmth, protection and to some degree a hearty people in touch with the earth. I think your all wool dolly will be lovely.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing that doll!

  6. That was such a lovely story Jenny. I just love hearing about people's pasts and how they grew up. Thanks for sharing, it made me smile :)


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