winner of the give away

3 Oct 2011

The winner of the give away for little Sweet Pea is DaffodilAngel which is kind of cute isn't it
 being that it's springtime here in Tassie.


If you could email me with your details and I will post her off to you.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment, it was a wonderful start to my new blog.

7 Responses to “winner of the give away”

  1. What a wonderful surprise Jenny, thank you very much indeed - she is a true treasure and I really am grateful to be receiving her. I'll email you with my details and have a great day. Best wishes

  2. ....sad for me, Happy for daffodilangel!

    Jenny, thank you for doing the very generous give away!

  3. Congratulations to you Mrs. Daffodilangel! :)

  4. thanks to everyone for their good wishes on my winning the give-away. I am looking forward to meeting the gorgeous Sweet Pea.


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