14 Oct 2011

You have to love these poppies.

They self sow themselves all over my garden but they are never a nuisance. 

This plant is in the pot near the outside couch where I sit in the sun any chance I get.

The time it takes for the flowers buds to mature from their heads down position, necks bent double to protect them from their foes seems an eternity.

They slowly slowly straighten over a period of a week until just the flower bud still in its protective layer is bent down then the green shell is cast off and the flower begins to unfurl. 

The petals are wrinkled and crimped from being bound so tightly  and they never lose that unpressed look.

They face the morning sun and drink in the goodness and then barely a day later the petals start to fall.

Of course the plant goes on, the flower is just  small part of the cycle.

 The little seed box now has to mature and dry  until it becomes a little pepper pot ready to sprinkle the tiny black seeds and give me more little plants to enjoy next year.

and what about that colour...glorious!

3 Responses to “poppies”

  1. Your description of this lovely visitor is perfect. As is the visitor herself...

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Stunning colour. Poppies are my MIL favourite flower, she remembers her Mother often having a vase of them on the table. So when I recently saw an old print of poppies in an old frame I just had to buy it for my MIL.

  3. I LOVE poppies. They are so beautiful. So sad to hear the flower only lasts for a day...never knew that.


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