one or two things for myself...

4 Oct 2011

So I am doing a little knitting , just for myself.

This year for me has seen my world turned upside down, has seen me finding a peace and a rhythm in my work sometimes to the detriment of other areas of my life and that's OK. 
We do what we have to do.

This time last year the real turmoil in my life was just beginning, at the end of this month it will be one year since my dad went into hospital and his last weeks at home were very difficult.
 The weeks and months that followed his hospitalisation and eventual death  were even more difficult
 and I clung to my family,
 my faith 
and my work 
but it was in my work that I could lose myself, 
I searched through my memories and  translated the love I felt for my father and the childhood he helped to give me into the dolls my hands were driven to make.

Now approaching the beginning of those series of anniversaries that must be experienced over the next six months I find myself drawing back a little,
 seeking more balance, 
allowing myself to take more time with other things,
 to read again, to garden, to pay more attention to me, to quietly meditate, to read books that mean a lot to me, to breathe, to dream, 
 to make one or two things for myself.

To make one or two things for myself and celebrate what it is to be me, 
living this life, 
adding together all the parts of me,
 the sorrow and the happiness and
 be what I am now.

14 Responses to “one or two things for myself...”

  1. Beautiful post, Jenny.
    Well said. And what you are working on is looking lovely. :)

  2. It looks intriguing Jenny, do tell.

  3. A beautiful post Jenny, sweet words Lis xx

  4. It's so good to hear this reminder to make efforts in reclaiming balance, even a new balance. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It looks like a pretty sweater...

  5. Balance is everything. I send love and hugs.

  6. Beautifully written :) good on you for taking time out for yourself- it's a hard thing to do when life is so busy!

  7. This is a lovely post Jen. It is so important to take care of ourselves and sometimes we are really bad at doing that. So I am pleased that you are doing just that.
    Kathy R

  8. lovely post Jenny.

    Hugs and caring for you.

    cheers Kate

  9. I remember when my dad ( and mum too) died it was a gradual process over about a year of reassessing what is most important in life and how their legacy blessed and lived on in our family. Take care...Alison B

  10. It is a time for reflection. It is good to take a breath and to take time for yourself. With every loss we realize how precious time is and how quickly things change at the drop of a hat. Family becomes more precious. I don't believe we ever get over a loss, only we learn to go on and live with it. Our loved ones would not have wanted us to be unhappy the rest of our lives. Every once in awhile it is good to laugh, smile and be productive. I would say you have been very busy for others, so yes, time to do a bit for yourself.

  11. Oh Jenny, I have tears. I can only imagine what you were/are feeling. I went through something like this with my mom a few years ago when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had to have a double mastectomy. I have found you look at the world and life differently when you have children and when you face the death of a loved one. And, the only thing I have found that helps me through things is to lean on the Lord. And I agree with Jennifer... what you are working on, looks lovely.

  12. Sweet, calming words. It is a good thing to relax and breathe and create.
    The yarn is a yummy color and your stitches are beautiful.
    Have a good day!

  13. Such good words, Jenny. Thank you for sharing your feelings, and what helped you through this difficult time in your life.

    Be well,



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