Matilda the bushland sprite

2 Oct 2011

This is Matilda and she will be ready for the shop in the next few days.
She is a  new 12" body type,
rather more like the 17" sweet child with a slimmer body and floppy arms,
 just because.

The soft tones of her hair mind me so much of the Tasmanian bushland
the soft subtle greens and greys, blues and mauves.

The only thing missing is the bright sunny yellow and a soft rosie red.

When I was a little girl, my sister and our gang spent endless hours playing in the bushland that surrounded  my childhood home.

At this time of year we would pick wildflowers just like this bunch that my Katie picked some years ago when she was visiting her Gran.

wild flowers

Every Australian knows the smells of our native landscape,
 the textures and feel of our native plants 
even if they have only experienced suburban areas of bush.

It never leaves the soul of an Australian and
 wherever Matilda  the bushland sprite goes to live
 she will always carry a little piece of Australia in her heart.

5 Responses to “Matilda the bushland sprite”

  1. Such a lovely girl and such a lovely story of how she came to be.

  2. Describing your childhood, reminds me of mine visiting my grandma's little country village.

    I especially LOVE the way you describe your native land!
    I cant wait to see Matilda with her face done! Maybe you can make her dress in yellow and soft rosie red! That way you are going to have the whole palette of the colors you've talked about! I'm sure she will be beautiful.

    Happy Sunday to you Jenny :)

  3. So cute! I love the bouquet of wild flowers and your description of "the bush."

  4. Always love reading your posts Jenny :) she really does blend beautifully with that gorgeous gum! Can't wait to see her complete !

  5. She is lovely, Jenny, and you've captured the essence of the bush as I imagine it, not only in the artistry of Matilda and the photographs, but also in your wonderful wordsmithing! Your blog is such a treat!


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