18 Oct 2011

Something special happens when you make custom dolls.

Some people commission a doll with something very specific in mind 
and others are happy to leave almost everything up to me.

Some like to tell me about the personality and interest of the child involved 
and that is a wonderful thing. 
Others are imagining the children they never had and are building their own doll family 
and that is special too.

Some people want a doll they have seen you make before, 
some want their favourite parts of various dolls 
and some take you in directions that you had never really imagined.

Pictured are some of the custom dolls I have made this year,
 some especially the smaller dolls slipped away without getting their photo taken.

I have lots of Christmas dolls to get finished over the next few weeks.

Such a special thing to make a doll with a specific child , or adult , in mind.
 I think it adds a certain magic to the mix.
And magic is what dollmaking is all about,
some cloth,
some fluffy wool, 
some string
 and thread 
and yarn 
and pretty fabric
Add time, patience, skill, caring and magic and 
you have a doll


4 Responses to “Magic”

  1. Every single one is a little treasure!

  2. What a beautiful way to describe the making of a doll....just like....magic :)

  3. Magic they are Jenny. Your dolls make me smile every time I see them.



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