Front garden, Thursday morning at 8.30am

20 Oct 2011

Waved good bye to everyone this morning after a small snowball fight, or should I say guelder rose fight.

Turned around and realised how beautiful everything looked bathed in the sunlight with just the faintest sniff of summer mixed with the heady scent of high spring.

So here is a little taste of my morning garden 
complete with Badger who is the dearest little friend and keeps himself looking so smart in his velvety tuxedo and the perfect granny chic flower, 
the old lady Iris 
with the wicker chair and crocheted blanket, camellias in the background. 

8 Responses to “Front garden, Thursday morning at 8.30am”

  1. Isn't it the most glorious morning? I must get myself a snowball, or pompom tree as I used to call them. They always remind me of my mum.

    cheers Kate

  2. The colours are just so beautiful. Badger is perfect,too.

    We are getting ready for winter here.
    Hugs, Rosemary

  3. So beautiful and I am particularly taken with those big blousey white sprays. What flowers are they?

  4. Thanks, Jenny! Your tour of the garden is lovely. I took a pic of a white flowering plant the other day on my walk around town and I said on my blog that is was a Gilda Rose but you have given me the correct name - Guelda Rose. Isn't spring time just wonderful?

    Cheers - Joolz

  5. Jenny, it is good to be reminded that the world is large, and for every place that winter is making its approach, somewhere else summer is not too far away.



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