as an artisan

2 Oct 2011


as an artisan 
working alone in my home
 I value the relative isolation because it allows me to find the essence of me
 and let that essence shine through in my creations

tools of the trade

as an artisan 
with access to the internet
 I value the friendship and encouragement 
I have found amongst my fellow dollmakers 
who are often so ready to applaud the work  of others 
and am spurred on by their encouragement 
and I revel in their creativity.


 as an artisan 
who sells her work mostly online
 I value such places as Etsy 
that have given so much to  people like me, 
living in a small state  with a limited market, 
given me access to the world marketplace.
 I adore places such as Flickr
 where professional and non professional dollmakers can come together
 to share and admire each others work.


as an artisan 
who shares  her work and her life through a blog or two,
  I am encouraged always by the comments and interest of my readers
 and I love that others share in this way too. 
How much richer is my life because of what we share.

My creative MESS

as an artisan like me 
I can choose when and how much I will be alone
 and when and how much I will be online,
 there is an art to getting the mix right.
 The only thing missing from the mix is a strong local network, 
I am yet to have really connected with the local art and craft scene 
which I think is strong but I am not sure really where I fit in
...something for me to work on I think.


7 Responses to “as an artisan”

  1. Such a pretty rainbow to start an essay that tells of a life of creativity and bringing others joy. Thank you. The foursome are beautiful!

  2. Lovely post, I have found with local markets, the populace in general does not understand the Waldorf world. Apart from a local cafe/gallery and Waldorf school fairs, I have stopped going to markets because in general people want the same old normal thing.
    Because this it limiting, the on-line world takes up the difference and one can sell to lovers of people who know the value of Handwork and understand the concept. I have been at markets in the past where there are thousands of people and I would be lucky to sell anything. It is a bit sad the the world does not appreciate the warmth,joy and love that goes into making something by hand.

    Cheers Marie

  3. Marie, I only do a couple of markets a year and usually sell very little at them unless I make lots of small things. I guess I am thinking that I would like to be more connected to the craftspeople and artisans in my own state or at least have some contact, not sure how though.

  4. as your friend, and artisan, I value more than anything your words and your work. Getting to know you has been such a treat, and I am also thankful for all the things you value. Lucky me!

  5. a journey begins with a single step.

    I'm sure you will find what that step is for you.

    cheers Kate

  6. I love this post as it is both positive and realistic.

    I have just completed a doll and was on the lookout for other dollmakers to admire, be inspired by and make contact with; that list will prove most valuable.

    Thank you.

  7. Best wishes in your local artisan search. I love your inspiration from afar, as does our whole group of simple crafty mums.


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