12 Sep 2011

Welcome to you Monday morning full of promise.

In the playroom the poor naked dolls are sunning themselves waiting for hair and clothes and some warm shoes.
The spring sunshine hasn't much warmth until later in the day and everyone's toes get cold if they don't have shoes or slippers or socks.

I love the dolls at this stage, the hardest work is done and now comes the part where the ideas still only dreams really can come into being.

There is hair yarn to be chosen, hairstyles considered, fabrics and yarns for clothes to be chosen, each dolls story to be found.

But first there is making the bed, doing some laundry, feeding the chooks and Charlie the duck and finding my slippers for my cold toes.

And I mustn't forget a warm welcome to everyone who visits here, we are only a small group, a new blog seems a very private place at first but as we gather more readers and we start to chat  I hope you will find this place to be a happy one to visit and enjoy.

10 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. I have always wondered what your dollies were in at this stage Jenny, those baskets are perfect!

  2. Your dolls are beautiful at any stage. I am a huge doll collector, I just bought one off ebay last week just like I had at my daughters age now. So when I came across your blog I was enthralled. You have an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your world with us.
    Misty and Pets.

  3. Rose, I just found the baskets last week and they are perfect

  4. Hi Misty, welcome and thank you. I have a small doll collection myself and I really enjoy finding new dolls and doll makers.

  5. Oh Charlie the duck! My favorite duck!! How is she doing? Is she still waking up too early?

  6. Oh Cathy, yes she still wakes up too early. She was quacking from 6am this morning the little devil.

  7. Jenny, when I read your blog and about your daily life, I feel so...home! I had such a long day, lots of house work. I always relax at night with some type of hand work, but tonight I am so tired,to even think.
    Well, your beautiful blog it's just the therapy I needed right now:) Thank you!

  8. Welcome Manuella, so glad you enjoy my blog

  9. I love this scene. Pray do tell, where did you source those wonderful baskets? Wonderful idea. Tracy LH :-)

  10. Tracy the baskets came from the one and only Dimmeys http://www.dimmeys.com.au/


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