19 Sep 2011

Spring time fog on a Monday morning
 masks the inevitable traffic noise 
from the busy people 
driving through the Meadows 
at the bottom of the hill  
on their way to work.

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  1. I simply wanted to say I have loved your dolls for a fair while now. If and when you have a fleeting moment I would love you to pop over and see the doll's clothes I make and tell me honestly what you think....

    No obligations of course!

    Have a lovely week. Here in France autumn has taken hold earlier than usual.


  2. What a beautiful picture!
    I love the big tree in the background!

  3. Jenny,
    I live very close to a busy county rd. On foggy days I can barley here the swish of cars going by. I only have trafic twice daily, as I live in the country, with lots of space around me. But during that time of day it can be a drone of cars.


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