rainbow doll

24 Sep 2011

I can't knit well or do the hand stitching on my dolls at the moment but I can do a little crochet.
I made the little ties for this doll's hair though I can't darn in the ends, I can't thread the needle.

This doll is made from the pattern I use when I teach doll making.
 It is a basic doll pattern without the extra little bits of shaping my usual pattern has and a more chunky shape.
 It's a good starting point for people and makes a very cuddly doll.

Oh and the beautiful yarn for the rainbow doll's dress comes from this lovely shop

3 Responses to “rainbow doll”

  1. Oh Jenny, she is so adorable....love, love the dress. xox Jo

  2. Awe, she's adorable! I love the color of her hair and her beautiful dress! I hope your thumb is healing quickly.

  3. WOW! She is so very beautiful and just perfect to be loved by lots of little hands and hearts!

    -Tracy D.


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