not so handy

23 Sep 2011


As a doll maker my hands work really hard;
 hand stitching,

Last night when I was preparing the vegetables for tea I managed to slice my left thumb as well.
No pictures, I will spare you that and it's not serious just in a really bad spot and manages to get in the way with just about everything I  do with my hands.
I am not even left handed but it has made me very clumsy, I can't even thread a needle properly and my knitting is really awkward.

Ah well, guess I will just have to find something else to do for the next few days.

4 Responses to “not so handy”

  1. Oh no! I hope it heals quickly :)

  2. Ouch, sorry, heal FAST!

    Hand injuries are not good for much, except reading ;-)

  3. oh now I understand....I have just read your next post and was unsure why you were having difficulty. Don't you just hate it when that happens?
    Heal well and maybe you might have been pushing yourself a little too much lately and need to slow down???
    Have a lovely weekend xox Jo

  4. Hope it's feeling better soon!


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