New Dress

17 Sep 2011

I have knitted this little dress for a dolly who is going to live in a Waldorf Kindergarten.

Have you ever visited a Waldorf or Steiner Kindergarten or Playgroup? 
Such beautiful places and I am sure one of the reasons people choose Steiner education for their child.

Beautiful wooden and woollen toys, lots of things gathered from nature. 
Subtle colours of the rainbow. 
The softest blush pink on the walls.

You can see some pictures here and here, also here and here.

I think my dolly and her dress will fit in nicely.

I will show you the dolly when she is all done.

4 Responses to “New Dress”

  1. Beautiful dress Jenny....can't wait to see the dolly in what you have done with the wool xoxo Jo

  2. the dress is gorgeous! love the colors! such a lovely description of the physical space of the kindy classroom. i put some recent photos of ours up on our fb page. i re-arranged a bit for the new school year. what a lucky class to receive one of your dolls!! you are so very kind and talented. ;)

  3. Very pretty dress! And I enjoyed the photos of the Waldorf Kindergarten. I have never seen that and as a former preschool teacher, I really enjoyed it. What a wonderful learning place!


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