new dolly

15 Sep 2011


To celebrate the start of my new blog and because it has been so long since I put anything into the shop this little one will be available tomorrow for you to buy.

She is wearing borrowed clothes at the moment to sit in the sun while I sew her clothes.

Tomorrow I will show her with her  new clothes and you can leave a comment if you are interested in buying her. I will put all the details in tomorrow's post.

If there is more than one person interested then I will draw a name out of a hat, or bowl or tea cup and that person will be able to buy little Miss What's Her Name.




5 Responses to “new dolly”

  1. She would be my perfect LJW~ I am yet to get lucky enough to buy one!


  2. Oh Jenny, she is so lovely. I just love her little braided pig-tails, too sweet!

  3. gorgeous girl...can't wait to meet emily's dolly. Each little creation just speaks from the heart to the heart. Warm regards alison B

  4. Oh, she is so sweet, and such a clever little block stacker! She looks like the big sister to Lindy's little poppet. I hope Chantal is playing nice with her. ;)

    Tracy D,


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