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look at me

5 Sep 2011


 The magnolia is in full bloom. 

It has been slowly and sneakily budding and swelling and now it is shouting

' look at me! 
I'm beautiful !' 

 Yes you are.


12 Responses to “look at me”

  1. Beautiful! We have magnolia's flowering across the road from us, they look so amazing. Don't you just love Spring? So much colour, makes me happy xo

  2. We have the same coloured magnolia growing in our front yard. They are stunning at this time of year. I love your blue iris growing beneath the magnolia.

  3. How beautiful :) Magnolias are one of my fave flowers- it's so exciting to see them all in bloom already.

  4. Absolutely stunning! Does it smell wonderful too?

  5. Wow. Now I see why people rave about them :)

  6. I love magnolia trees. So fleeting and beautiful

  7. Does God not give us the most beautiful colors to feast our eyes on! Maybe an idea for the next doll, "Little Magnolia" with those colors incorporated in a pretty sweater?

  8. Oh, so pretty! Spring is such a wonderful time. We're heading into fall up here, so no magnolias for us right now. But yours are reminding me of a wonderful family walk we took last spring through an arboretum just full of them all in bloom!

  9. They are just beautiful, are those irises underneath? Lovely flowers whatever they are.


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