Knitwit am I

24 Sep 2011


 Do you knit?
Do you love to knit?
Do you love the yarn, almost always natural fibres for me?
Do you love the needles?
Do you love the colours, the rhythms, the patterns, the sounds, the feel, the smells?
Do you love to measure time in rows or pattern repeats?
Do you love to organise your stash of yarn, of patterns, of needles?
Do you take knitting with you when you go on a long trip, on a picnic, when you visit your Mum?

Do you like seeing things you have knitted?
Do you like planning new projects?
Do you admire other people's knitting and notice people who wear handknits?
Do you watch out for hand knits in TV programmes and movies?
Do you sometimes watch something more than once because of the lovely knitwear?
Do you still have things that you knitted long ago?
Do you remember what you were knitting at important times in your life?
Do you wish you had an extra set of hands so you could make all the things you want to?
Do you like trying out interesting new stitch patterns?
Do you collect knitting patterns or books or vintage patterns?

Oh yes indeedy!

but this weekend I can't knit properly because of a not serious cut on my thumb and it made me think about how much I would miss knitting if it was something I could no longer do.

6 Responses to “Knitwit am I”

  1. oh it socks. don't feel alone, i often have the "knitter tendinitis" that's why my 11 years old knows how to knit doll shoes. be patiente :)

  2. Yes, I knit, but not as well as I crochet. I have just recently set my mind to being more proficient with the knitting needles and not giving up. It has paid off, the persistence and I did complete about 7-8 little doll sweaters and was thrilled with myself. I love the yarn too, never seem to have enough, but that is a good thing, isn't it :)
    Hope your thumb heals nicely and you can get back to doing the things you love. My youngest daughter who is 31 yrs. old has asked me to teach her to knit...this should be interesting, lol

  3. Knitting is a rich & relaxing experience isn't it. And preparing that wool straight from the sheep is even more rich, I know you would enjoy it if you don't already. I recently started going to a knit 'group'. Its a boost in many ways. Have a nice day....

  4. Hi Jenny~

    Really wish I did knit. My Grammie crochets and there are things still in the family that she made for us that we all love still. But I have promised myself I will learn to knit right after I finish the endless cross stitch project I've been working on, and then get a quilt made for my son. And at the rate of speed I'm going, my first knitting project will most likely be something for my imagined future grandchild! ;)

  5. Doesn't it feel weird when you can't pick up the needles? Hope the thumb heals rapidly.

  6. Yes, yes, yes, and yes!! If my hands or my eyesight ever give out and I can't knit, it would make me very sad. It is a very relaxing therapy for me!!


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