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11 Sep 2011


 I had forgotten about this sweet doll.

I just love the colour of her hair with this skin tone and the  clothes she is wearing.

What is your favourite dolly hair colour?

I know lots of people like red headed dolls, what about you?

6 Responses to “from the archives...”

  1. I really like red headed dolls with blue eyes best of all. This little one is very sweet.

  2. I'm a redhead, although my hair color is not as vibrant as it once was now that I'm older and gray hair is starting to come in - lol. Most of the people that make these lovely dolls make the arms and legs so big/fat where they stick straight out. But your lovelies are so pretty and petite and by far my favorite. :) I love this redhead. She is so sweet!

  3. Hi Carissa and welcome, lovely to see you here on the blog and thank you for your lovely words about my dolls

  4. I love strawberry blonde hair with blue eyes. And redheads with blue eyes. My Mom, daughter & granddaughter all have the pretty strawberry hair & blue eyes. But those genes skipped me. I have brown hair with auburn undertones and green-brown eyes.
    I think your dolls are so special, every one of them!

  5. The red hair, in any shade with blue eyes is very lovely isn't it. Thank you for coming to visit and for your lovely words.


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