Flower poppet

14 Sep 2011

 A poppet in a tea cup.

Her name is Flower.

She is a gift I sent to customer, a little poppet doll.

Doesn't she look sweet.

The photo is by Lindi who kindly sent it to me to use.

6 Responses to “Flower poppet”

  1. I love Lindy's photos. Your sweet dolls, Lindy's artistic flair, and the lovely nature of both of you.......captured in this lovely image. My favourite colour combination, too. Tracy LH :-)

  2. It is a lovely picture isn't it. So nice of Lindy to share it.

  3. Very cute! I love her hair & coloring and her size is very sweet.

  4. When a doll arrives at Lindi's, she found a lot of funny things to do.


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