the clock has stopped...

26 Sep 2011


Usually I wake on Monday morning refreshed and ready for a new week but last night, well very early this morning I woke, uncomfortable and unsettled.
 The sun is getting up very early at the moment so I wake with the predawn and listen to the birds begin their  day.
It gave me time to think about the day and week ahead and what I would like to achieve this week but an extra hour of sleep would have been better.
 Daylight savings starts soon so then I will again be in tune with the sun.

Now it's time to wake the household ready for their new week and after they have all gone to school and work I think  I will  ease myself into this new week, take some time to enjoy the garden and think about the time between now and Christmas, always such a busy season.
 Lots of changes coming up with Andy preparing to leave home, Louis home for holidays, Kate constantly changing and growing and forcing us to move with her.

Ah life, always something different even when it looks the same.
Can't stop the clock.

5 Responses to “the clock has stopped...”

  1. You are probably out of whack because you aren't knitting Jenny. With the rhythm of your day changed, likely other rhythms are affected.

    Take care.

  2. Would be nice, sometimes, to be able to stop the clock. Just for a moment or two.


  3. Can't stop the clock....isn't that the truth!

  4. Would love to be able to just pause time for a while and catch my breath. xx

  5. This time of year is really the calm before the storm isn't it? It always feels like there is plenty of time left in the year, but it goes by in a flash.

    I am finding it hard not to get up early as well, I was determined to sleep in this morning but was up at a quarter to five regardless.

    Have a great week!


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