Chip the Monkey

3 Sep 2011

I bought some gorgeous wool a little while ago, it comes in such lovely vintage inspired colours I am sure it will be wonderful for all sorts of things including dolly clothes and toys.
I do love knitted toys.

I have a little knitting pattern to share with you.
It's Chip the Monkey and he is from one of my magazines from the early 1950s.

Chip the monkey 

 He looks a bit aggressive in this pose don't you think, a little like King King but I think in real life and sitting on a bed or shelf he could be rather sweet.

I find quite a few of the old toy knitting patterns look rather strange to my eyes but I think perhaps it's because they haven't been Disney-fied if you know what I mean.

Anyway this little fellow might be just the thing for a Christmas present for a little boy

and I don't know that in 1954 in Australia anybody's Grandma would have been insisting on Philips lamps since girlhood.
 My mother's Granny was born around the1870s and there wasn't much need for electric light bulbs then.

If you click on the knitting pattern pages you should see a bigger copy


3 Responses to “Chip the Monkey”

  1. I am sure, absolutely sure, that my playmate Jenny had a Chip the Monkey. I'm sure he was orange and brown without the ribbon.

  2. Your new yarn looks so scrummy! I'm addicted to buying yarn especially pure cotton lately!
    So nice of you to share a pattern too, he sure does look like a cheeky little monkey too!
    Soft toys are so enjoyable to make
    Kate :)

  3. Am loving your yarn colour choices, Jenny. Chip the Monkey would make a wonderful companion for any small person. Thanks for sharing, :-).\ Tracy LH


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