19 Sep 2011

little Max's doll

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to leave a comment on this post
 It was really interesting for me to read what you had to say.
 I'm glad that you like the same things about my dolls that I like.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how I sell my dolls, 
about scheduled shop updates, 
about popping dolls in the shop as they are finished  rather than scheduling,
  about custom dolls.

Well you know, it's spring time here and it starts to feel like change is a good thing.
If you have any opinions about this stuff I would love to hear.

Oh, and there will be a little give away for Followers of this blog at the end of the month,
 it won't be this little guy because he already has a home but it will be something cute.

5 Responses to “Changes...”

  1. maybe when people are warned that a doll is adoptable, it avoids complaints like, "but i wanted her and now she is adopted, can i have Exactly the Same?" (nope, she is a ooak and i can't duplicate a soul!) and the customer is not happy. i don't know...

  2. Its been lovely for me to dream up my custom doll but I wonder whether this takes some of the joy out of the process for you? There's little bit of you in your creations that is a gift to others and customing makes them more of a commodity. But for me...most of the fun is not in what i have chosen but in how you will interpret are a true artisan jenny and it gives me joy just to follow your creative trail. Alison

  3. What a great idea. I can't wait to see what it is ;)

  4. Love the new blog! Love looking at all the interesting comments! No two dolls are alike. Each has a life and soul of its own. Thanks for the blog! Love!

  5. I think you should always create in the manner that is best for you. You should also sell the dolls in the manner that suits both you and your buyers best. In no way should acquiring a lovely handmade item be stressful or feel unfair for either. It is a tough balance to strike. Good luck on finding a great solution.


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