what should we find in the Playroom?

30 Aug 2011

Let me think.

Well dolls of course, dolls of all shapes and sizes dressed in  warm woollies and soft cottons and special party frocks.

And teddy bears, knitted teddies and soft fluffy teddies and old ragged teddies who have been so loved.

And other knitted toys, dolls and animals and colourful knitted balls.

There should be wooden toys, cars and boats, painted wooden yachts

Spinning tops, but not just one, because there need to be spinning top races.

A hobby horse or two with woolly hair

There needs to be a little table and some chairs ready for tea parties and drawing and playing with modelling clay and stacking wooden blocks.

So of course there should be wooden blocks 

And there should be a garden outside the windows, maybe French windows so we can run outside to get some flowers to make fairy cordial or some nuts and seeds for our tea party, some leaves and daisies to feed the animals, some dirt and rocks to make stew, some long grass to make beautiful grass beds for our dollies.

There should be old crocheted blankets and soft old cushions for picnics and cubbies and when we just need a rest or a quiet dream.

Sounds perfect...

2 Responses to “what should we find in the Playroom?”

  1. yep it sure does sound lovely, just where I'd like to hang out.

    cheers Kate


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