7 Aug 2011

Kate and baby

Today we had the pleasure of visiting Mount Gnomon Farm, up behind Penguin on the beautiful northwest coast.

It was wet, it was cold, it was incredibly muddy and very very piggy.

How cute are all these little guys.

Kate had to do a geography project on a farm, we contacted the lovely Eliza and Guy and they graciously shared their little piece of heaven with us.

Eliza took us all around the farm, answered all Kate's questions and all mine and Stephen's too and made us a yummy afternoon tea.
Guy was at the footie.

Please visit their blog to read all about what their wonderful farm


Big Mama and babies



Three super cute little guys

Mum and baby


and just how beautiful is Tasmania, especially at this time of the year. If you want to see more of  pictures of Tasmania, go here

cows in the mist

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  1. Beautiful photos Jenny! Eliza and Guy are amazing!

  2. lovely photos.
    The pigs are so gorgeous, even the big ones.

    cheers Kate

  3. Such piggy pleasure! Thank you for the link, I will enjoy it this afternoon.

    Oh Jenny, look at the photo of Kate with her hood on directly below your photo when you were young. Such a likeness!


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