to market, to market

9 Aug 2011


This little one has flown off to her new home
Soft pretty colours and a little round face

Lots more dollies to be finished off this week ready for the Longford Makers Market on Sunday and what ever doesn't sell will go into my shop after the market.

We will be three generations on our market stall, Kate is selling her jewellery, I am selling dolls, quilts and toys and Mum is knitting booties and bonnets and scarves and baby toys.
I agreed to have the stall mainly for Kate to sell her creations but it's kind of nice that we are all involved. Mind you we could add a few more if my sister wanted to do some of her mosaic work and my auntie could do some embroidery and crochet and my sister in law could certainly cook something delicious.
Wouldn't that be something?

5 Responses to “to market, to market”

  1. Your dolls bring back memories of my mom, my sweet. She use to make dolls, not exactly like yours but reminds me of them with the curly hair and handmade.

  2. I hope one day I can come to one of your market stalls one day and meet you, Kate, your mother and your dolls in the flesh!!

  3. I love the idea of generational creativity in a stall! Have a wonderful time and I hope that you all sell out!!

    Blessings, Debbie


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