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4 Aug 2011


I know that quite a few of you make dolls, for fun, for family, for charity, for selling.
And I know some of you collect dolls, all kinds, hand made and vintage dolls

I would love to see what you are making or collecting.

Would you like to leave a comment if you have a blog or a Flickr page or Etsy shop where you share your dolls and then all of us dolly people can come and visit.

in the morning sun

I do know that this reader, ptite fanchon , makes dolls,
 and that this one, Pippa'sGarden,  has just made her first waldorf inspired doll
 and this one, MimiO , makes beautiful dolls too.

I would love it if you had time to share your dollies with us.
Can't wait to see what treasures we discover.


14 Responses to “Show us”

  1. Hi Jenny!

    I'd love to share my love of dolls with you and your readers :-) You can visit me at: and find lots of patterns for crochet dolls, and even some for cloth, plus some tutorials, including wig making and Waldorf dollmaking.

    Thank you for the invitation to share, Jenny.


  2. Look at all your sweet creations in process. Those would be about all the clothes they'd need in our current heat wave here!

    Here is a picture of the doll which I made for a friend's niece recently:!/photo.php?fbid=2203341400840&set=a.2016775096799.123570.1166510082&type=1&theater

    and the dolls which I made for our daughter:

  3. I do I do! I'm still learning, but I've made a few for my children.

  4. hi Jenny!
    love to share my dolls :)
    I have made 3 so far, with a both full of yarn for more :)


  5. I just blogged about a Kaethe Kruse inspired doll that I finished (late) last night. She has a moulded cloth oil-painted head and a cloth body. I tried to dress her "in the style" of the early Kaethe Kruse dolls. I'm also hosting a pop on over and have a look!

    PS I ALWAYS look at your posts, Jenny - I love to see what you have been making!

  6. Hello Jenny,
    I've always admired the little people you help into the world. I make dolls too, beginning with making some for my children ... and then others. I don't sell very many but every now and then a little one is born here who finds a new home with another family.

    You are very welcome to visit my blog to see my dolls at

    many blessings and thanks for your delightful, careful and inspiring work.

  7. I make dolls! You can see photos on flickr here: ... and although I have an Etsy under the same name, there are no dolls on my shelves at the moment.

  8. first, your dolls are amazing, i love them.
    i make dolls for a long time but i just opened an etsy shop, and i'd like to share my dolls with you and your readers. thank you so much for your invitation, jenny, it's very kind of you.

    you can read their stories on my blog
    or visit my etsy shop

  9. I also have been making dolls for a few years now. And have al the time been watching all the other dollmakers on flickr and their blogs. I love love love al the different styles of dolls you see.

    You can see mine at

  10. Hi Jenny! I have followed your blog for several years now and you have inspired me so much with your beautiful dolls and gentle spirit!!! I just recently finished my first sweet doll. You can see it here:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to share with you!!!


  11. I'm a new doll maker and I have recently started a blog where I have posted some of my creations. Here is the link........

    I haven't decided what type of dolls I really want to make yet:)

  12. My sister-in-law makes beautiful dolls and I think she'd love for you to drop by and take a look:

    I love seeing you dolls every day.

  13. i see i'm late to the party:o) i make waldorf dolls, but i collect baby dolls from the 50s-70s and composition dolls.
    My 5yo has caught the bug. Here are some of her favorites(our compositions are packed away right now)

  14. Here is the link to several of the dolls I have made for my daughters, myself, my friends and my family.

    I just opened up my Etsy shop recently, but haven't sold anything yet!


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