Kate's jewellery

16 Aug 2011

Kate had her first market for her beautiful jewellery on Sunday.

She worked so hard to get the jewellery made, she is so busy with school and sport and you can probably see that she looks a little tired.

Sunday was also my birthday and she wanted to make my day special so she was up late wrapping my presents as prettily as she could as well as making sure she was as organised as possible for the market

and she had a great day.
 She sold lots of pieces and she was very very happy.

I had my dolls there too because she is too young to have a stall on her own.
We are going again in September and I will have some smaller dolls to sell but I think the highlight of the stall will still be Kate's beautiful work.
 I am so proud of her.

I knitted dolly shoes and ate birthday chocolates and chatted while she helped her customers.
I have never in my adult life worked on my birthday but this year I did and we had the best day. 

( she does have a little shop but she has been too busy with studying for her maths and science test to actually finish listing things. She is hoping to be able to get them done tomorrow night)

14 Responses to “Kate's jewellery”

  1. I like her color combinations; so cheerful! Good for her, congratulations.

    Happy Birthday, Jenny!

    best ~ Annri

  2. She's one talented young girl :) The little roses are very pretty. Hope you had a great birthday ;)

  3. Well done. She's a very clever girl. The stall looks lovely.

  4. so glad you both had a wonderful day together. This could be the start of something big for Kate.

    cheers Kate

  5. well done for you both! she has inherited your talent in her own way!

  6. Your daughter is such a lovely young woman, and as talented as her Mum :-) What a delightful way to spend your birthday.


  7. Fantastic display! How neat that you could do it together- and on your birthday! Happy birthday to you! :)

  8. Beautiful work Kate, I love your frame display case.

    Happy birthday for Sunday Jenny dear.

  9. I am so pleased that you both had a good day on Sunday. It was so lovely to meet you. Sorry I was a bit rushed, I had a really crook back and had to have a quick look before going home again. Kate's jewellery looked terrific, no wonder you are so proud of her.

  10. Well done Kate! (looking so grown up all of a sudden) and happy belated birthday dear Jenny. xxx

  11. congratulations kate. your work is amazing.

  12. Dear Kate, today I wore the beautiful necklace that I bought from you on Sunday. It is just the right length and lifts all the black I wear. I just love it. Thank you and I look forward to seeing more of your inspirations. x Tanya

  13. Dear Jenny, I became so smitten with Kate's jewellery that I completely forgot to wish you a happy birthday!!!

  14. Well done Kate, on your successful day at market. And belated birthday wishes to you Jenny.


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