31 Aug 2011


Custom LJW doll, All Through the Year,  by Jenny Marshall.

Leave your name and contact email for the chance to buy  this custom package.

Here are the details as they will be listed on Etsy

          $350 plus shipping

a 12" custom doll that comes complete with four ensembles, clothes for spring, summer, winter and autumn. You choose your doll's skin tone, eye and hair colour, hair style and a colour theme for your doll's wardrobe of clothes.

Summer ensemble: sundress and shoes, swimsuit and sun hat

Spring ensemble: cotton blouse and trousers, hand knit pinafore, shoes and headscarf

Winter ensemble: cotton dress, woollen coat, knit hat and scarf, shoes

Autumn ensemble: woollen hand knit cardigan, corduroy skirt , tights and shoes.

plus nightdress and knickers.

This doll will ready for shipping early November

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

 You can see examples of my work here
 I use only the best materials for my dolls, European tricot fabric for the skin, soft Australian wool stuffing, a variety of yarns both Australian and European for the doll's hair and knitwear,and patchwork quality cottons for the clothes.

I will draw a name on Friday 2nd September at 11am AEST and you will be notified by 

 The package will be a reserved listing in my Etsy shop and you will have 24 hours to pay.

 After this time the package will be available to the first lucky customer to find it. 

The lucky winner has been notified.
Thank you to everyone who tried their luck.

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  1. me please!!!!
    katie gregg

  2. What a wonderful opportunity! Please, please, please, pick me!

  3. I'm having trouble with this...but I'll try again...want a dolly so much! Alison Bleyerveen bleyerveens@bigpond.com

  4. !!!!!! Fiona Hauke - tim.fiona@live.com
    Would be perfect for my baby girl due in January!!

  5. Kathy S - ckwseeger@juno.com :)

  6. I hope I hope......

  7. would love the chance to buy this christmas package for my daughter for when she is older :o)

    Shireen Bateson bateson73@bigpond.com

  8. Please include my name as I love your work so much.

  9. Yes please! Oh I would love the honor! <3

  10. What a wonderful package :)


  11. I just love the dolls you make. My 8 year old has three of the Kathe Kruse dolls and I want to buy one for my 2 year old but I need to wait because she is very hard on her plastic dolls. Beautiful work.I would prefer to buy on handmade like yours.

  12. This would be a dream come true! Thanks for the chance.

  13. a_woltmann@hotmail.com
    Thanks very much :)))

  14. How we (my 6 yr old and I) would lOve a LJW doll to treasure! Thank you for the opportunity! I find out tomorrow if my 5th baby in utero is a sister for my 6 yr old daughter... She has 3 brothers already... Maybe she will have a dolly to have her girl time with!!! Here's hoping:) mgdassumpcao@internode.on.net

  15. This is amazing! amerslocke@hotmail.com

  16. Lots of work for you, but fun for us!


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