29 Aug 2011


After an unusually busy weekend of  Kate's hockey finals and Andy's uni stuff and visiting Louis in Hobart,
 I am slowly getting my day together.

The washing's on the line, the house has been dusted and swept and all the bibs and bobs have found their way back to where they belong.


The postman delivered my lovely Paris postcards, Christmas gifts I think for my Paris loving sister ( who doesn't read my blog) 

 He also gave me a parcel containing  this lovely book, 'Stitched in Time, a late birthday present to myself.

I do hope my readers from the US east coast are safe and dry.
Have a lovely week everyone


2 Responses to “Monday”

  1. A personal gift for your sister.. and one for yourself... very nice! I am inspired by the felted pincushions. I purchased an old wool army blanket that I will use for crafting and I love the simplicity of this practical gift idea. Once again, Jenny to the creativity rescue!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. I love peeking into the bookshelves of others...... I tried to buy that Parisian book just yesterday (last minute Fathers Day gift ;-)) but alas, the store had none in stock. Off to the Book Depository I go! Tracy LH :-)


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