The Work

14 Jul 2011

Today I will be coiffing and dressing these little dolls plus one more ready to go into my etsy shop tonight.
That means that I have been working hard on these five dolls for the past 10 - 12 days so that they will all be ready at the same time.

That means that I have worked fairly constantly each day, from round 9am until round 5 pm, 
with breaks for putting the washing on, hanging the washing out, bringing the washing in, lighting the fire, bringing in wood, sweeping the floor, tidying here and there, going to the shops for food supplies.... 

You all know how it goes. 

I try to keep on top of things or I will go under.
 Down down into the abyss of mess that makes you just want to be anywhere but at home.
 So I do a little here , a little there, I do my morning routine, and my pre dinner routine  and the house, except my work area,  looks mostly  presentable until I give it a thorough going over on Saturday morning.

 And that is it.
 I have become my mother,
 getting my jobs done, 
cleaning up as I see things to keep life peaceful 
and then on  Saturday morning it's time for  'the work',
trying to stay on top of things. 

 And always, always, taking time for a quiet cuppa in a sunny corner or beside the fire.

8 Responses to “The Work”

  1. Sounds of contentment to me.
    Here I am feeling bogged down by the mundane and repetitiveness of my days, and yet I find the ordinariness of your day so soothing.
    The girls look gorgeous all sitting patiently waiting to be dressed.

    cheers Kate

  2. I operate on the same principle Jenny. A bit here and there and then "do it" on Monday morning.

    I'm glad the dollys are warm under the checked blanket in this cold weather.

  3. I love the peeks into your peaceful and contented!

  4. the dolls are beautiful, as always. i'm trying to stay on top of things around here too; the weather has been so wonderful that i want to be outdoors so much, inside is really a second thought.

    (i've been having technical trouble commenting on a few blogs lately, but please know that i'm reading yours avidly!)

    best ~ annri

  5. Well done, that sure is a lot of work! They are all very beautiful dolls.

  6. Your dolls are lovely. Yes, it's not easy getting stuff done with kids around and washing to can only do your best! A cup of tea in a quiet and sunny place sounds lovely. Unfortunately peace and quiet doesn't come to this house til bedtime!!

    Dawn x

  7. They look so cute!!!!
    Every time I see them I feel that I should have them for my little niece
    who is one and a half...
    If I ever come on a trip to Australia that will be the first thing I will do that is order a little dolly from you ..
    Its a pleasure to look at them...

  8. I love that you fit your work around your house work or vice versa maybe. Beautiful dolls!


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