6 Jul 2011

Today I have been packing some dolls ready to post off.

I keep my tissue paper, care cards, thank you cards, custom forms and the like in my old school case that I used in primary school all those decades ago.

I remember feeling so important going off to school with my case.
 Inside was my lunchbox, my drink bottle, a spare hankie and maybe a treasure or two.

Today the postman delivered a dolly to me.
A Terri Lee doll, not an original 1940 or 50s doll but made by the same company using the same moulds.

Isn't she a honey.
I love her vintage looks, her chubby little legs and her sweet face.

I am not sure Terri Lee dolls were ever available in Australia  and my Mum tended to buy us English dolls so we probably wouldn't have been given one anyway but I do think she is lovely.
 She is just the kind of doll I would have loved as a child.

Have you heard of Terri Lee dolls?
Did you have one as a child?

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  1. i don't think they were very popular in france. when i was a little girl, my friends had bella and clodrey dolls. of course, i had some too, they had a lot of nice clothes but i prefered my waldorf dolls (made by my grand'auntie), because i could share all my secrets with them. they still live in my bedroom and i continue to speak with them every day...

  2. I don't remember having a Terri Lee doll but I named my daughter that!! She is 32 now and pregnant with her first baby. If she has a girl I will definitely get her a Terri Lee doll :)

    1. her baby will love that Terri lee doll I know I love mine.

  3. I love my Terri lee doll I wish I knew where to get Terri lee school days.


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