23 Jul 2011


This is little Shaun, the last of the red headed dolls from my July 14th Shop update


He has found his new home but there will be new dolls available on July 28th in my Etsy shop.
I'll let you know when they are ready to go into the shop.


2 Responses to “Shaun”

  1. Cait went "ga ga" for this little boy, with sounds of "awwwww" and squeals of "He's so cuuute!" She's one of your biggest dolly fans, I am sure, and Shaun has found a very loving home with Cait. Perhaps she will be inspired to "prepare" her room for his arrival. ;-)

  2. He is so beautiful. After making a Waldorf doll,it is so interesting to study one made by such a skilled dollmaker!


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