10 Jul 2011

One of my favourite Little Golden Book illustrators is Corinne Malvern.

She illustrated 17 LGB in the 1940s and early 50s

The children she created are just adorable.

and I love the  clothes of the day

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  1. I love the books Jenny. Not sure we have those in Britain. The thought of Doctor Dan the bandage man really made me smile. The pictures are so of their time but I would bet if they were published in 2011 there would be a deluge of complaints from equal rights groups angry that the doctor is male and the nurse female. Sadly the Happy Family picture would certainly be for the chop for fear it would make single parent families feel uncomfortable. I could go on but won't! It's become a funny old world, thank goodness there are pieces of the past that can be treasured. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday in lovely Tasmania, its breakfast time here in Britain. Eli x

  2. I remember Robert and his new friends.

    cheers Kate


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