20 Jul 2011

Yesterday mum came round and decided she would like to weed the bulb garden under Katie's bedroom window.

Katie planted ranunculas and tulips ( I think) and there are lots of different daffodils and hyacinths in there as well.

My mum loves to weed, she loves to restore order.
She did, accidentally, ha ha, prune the rose that grows outside the loungeroom window, the one that has the beautiful ruby hips through the winter when the rest of the garden is sleeping. 
Oh well, we must have order.

The gate was left open last night and just when the sun came up the chooks ( hens) took a stroll into the front garden and had a wonderful time scratching in the freshly denuded earth.

Nature strikes back, human order can't be forced on her for long.

2 Responses to “Nature”

  1. It's always nice to have a mum who likes to help out :) My garden is a bit overrun with bulbs too, I'm quite fond of tulips :)

  2. Lovely post~
    Lovely Mum~ I agree with her in the 'need to weed' department. :)


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