Mrs. Miniver morning

22 Jul 2011

Crikey , if that movie trailer doesn't get your heart pumping then you must be asleep.

The sun is shining but it's a little too cold to sit outside even in a sheltered spot so I'm watching Mrs Miniver while I stitch and knit and make dollies and drink tea.

I'm gagging for a brew as they say, do you want a cuppa?

4 Responses to “Mrs. Miniver morning”

  1. I'll take a cuppa...and a watching of Mrs. Miniver. Love that movie!


  2. I love Mrs Miniver. I tried to get a copy recently from our video shop but they didn't have it.

    Did you know that Greer later married her 'son' in this film?


  3. Oh, Kate, I know about the marriage, it kind of spoils the movie a little for me. When I bought the movie it was only $5.99 and it has Pride and Prejudice on it as well


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