in the front garden on a winter's morning

9 Jul 2011

a lonely rose

I have no idea what made this hole in the lawn, it looks spiderish but it is huge - walk away, walk away!

collecting leaves in an abandoned summer chair

brave little opportunistic violets growing in a smidge of dirt between the path and the house

an old cat who looks crabby but is the sweetest gentlest old thing who loves to walk round the garden with me until it all gets too much and she has to be carried.

Happy weekend to you.

4 Responses to “in the front garden on a winter's morning”

  1. Jenny, Our black cats could be Morticia just turned 5, she has two "little sisters" that bother her all day. She would rather wander in the garden with me while I pick produce. It's summer here in the states!
    Cyn in Washington

  2. Roses are never lonely Jenny dear, I should know. ;)

    Lovely pix.

  3. a just perfect hole. may be made by an obese mole. or with chattering triplets who want to enter in the same time, who knows?


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