7 Jul 2011


I have been quietly working away at some dolls this week and feeling that I don't really want to leave the house, partly because it's cold and partly because a kind of melancholy has settled on  me.

Feeling like something is about to change and things that were taken for granted will be whipped away. 
I don't have a sense of impending doom, just change.

So I will just go along, doing what I do, trying to work out what feels right and what should be abandoned and  hope this melancholy lifts. 
I'm not sad just unsettled. 
Do you know what I mean?


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  1. I have been feeling that way myself lately. I am almost looking forward to the changes (whatever they may be) so that I can stop feeling so "anxious". (Anxious is not exactly the word I wanted to use, but I can't find one that fits...)

    Hope your world turns 'round right....

  2. I know what you mean Jenny. I hope that it all pans out for you.

  3. I have great admiration for your focus! You seem to accomplish so much just by "doing it". So now, I will go "do" what I need to. You encourage me!

  4. Yes, Jenny. Hold on to your foundation of self, and any change can be weathered. Creating dolls from your heart is a good way to do this.


  5. I love your blog ! all, dolls, vintage books "little golden books" ... etc... !!!

  6. Yes I get that unsettled feeling sometimes...my family call it my "Impending Doom Mode"...LOL

  7. Yes, I know it well. Mine usually come to nothing, thankfully.

  8. I do know how you feel. I have everything that I need and want in life. Loving husband, 2 grown children who are beautiful human beings, we all have our health, we have enough money to live well. I always feel that somehow, at sometime it will be taken away from me and I don't know how I'd cope if it were.

  9. I know that feeling well and most of the time it comes out to nothing. Hope this will be the case for you too. Hugs.


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