28 Jul 2011


These six gals will be in the shop in about 4 hours, 10.30pm my time, check here to find out your time

And I haven't forgotten the give away, I have just been busy. 
I will announce the winner tomorrow.

6 Responses to “ ”

  1. Oh Jenny you are so unbelievably talented!! They are all so precious. :) Hoping to buy one of your dollies for my daughter some day. :)

  2. OH NO, I was too late :(
    They are all gorgeous.
    Kim x

  3. These made me smile this afternoon -- so adorable.

  4. Love the red-head at the top. She looks like she could be a handful, in a good way ;)

  5. Jenny, I think they are so cute their little characters shine thru, you must feel such pride when you finish each one!


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