8 Jun 2011

Lucie Attwell Annual 1952

A little chubby Mabel Lucie wisdom for you.

We are very wet and cold down here in Tassie. 
I am sure the washing will dissolve before it ever gets the chance to dry.

The bare vegie garden is now a giant mud puddle as Charlie the duck has had THE best time being ducky and making giant puddles that have connected to make Lake Vegie.

Kate is on holidays and the weather is being a challenge, hopefully there will be some sunshine before she goes back to school.
Yesterday she made herself a skirt, her first solo project using a vintage pattern from the early 1970s and used fabric from a long skirt my Mum made for herself in the early 70s, it's a floral velvet.
Very cute.

So it is knittting and sewing and dollmaking,
 hot chocolates and coffees and treats, 
woolly jumper and warm slipper weather
 interspersed with wet dashes to the undercover woodpile for more wood 
and to the letterbox to save the letters from drowning in the water sodden box.

Yesterday I saved two Mabel Lucie Attwell books, the 1952 Annual and the 1960 Annual from drowning
and today I saved a vintage doll clothes pattern and a surprise gift from dear Juliane.

All in all we are having a nice time.

4 Responses to “WET”

  1. Lovely poem Jenny. Not so wet down this end of the state but still very cold. I too have 1 on holidays saying "I haven't done much these holidays!" and 3 saying "I love these holidays, I've slept in, stayed up late, read my book and relaxed by the heater." Oh the simple pleasures.

    Did you get my card that I sent you a few months ago? I just remembered it today and wondered if you ever received it?

  2. Don't get washed away! Take care :)

  3. I love Charlie the duck!!! She has so much character. It sounds like you and Kate are having fun in spite of the rain.


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