5 Jun 2011

Today was a wild,
very, very wet,
 three cats on your lap 
kind of day. 

Well it was like that at our house anyway.

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  1. Very similar here - 12C, heavy showers and a bit of hail, on and off all day. I didn't leave the house.

  2. The four of them look so relaxed.

  3. Yes it was the same at my house too! Utterly atrocious weather all over the state. Your daughter and cats look very cosy though :)

  4. Your daughter is such a cutie. She should start a blog. I'm encouraging my students to begin their own blogs. How nice that your kitties all like each other!

  5. Oh to be loved by a cat - what a place to be :)
    Great piccie Jenny.

  6. Definitely one of my favorite kinds! And from the sweet look on your daughter's face, she enjoyed it too!!

    Blessings, Debbie


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