Polka Dots

2 Jun 2011

1950s Lucie Atwell book

What is it about polka dots that just shouts HAPPY.

Put a little girlie in polka dots especially red  and white polka dots
 and she can't help but be a happy girlie,
sweet and simple.

poppy 1


Although gingham or pretty flowers come a close second


Camille 12" Classic

and of course there are cosy little knit dresses

dolly dressmakers dolls

Still, I do love polka dots.

How about you?

1950s Lucie Atwell book

7 Responses to “Polka Dots”

  1. I am so glad that you love polka dots.......and that is all I am saying. ;-)

  2. You are singing my song! I LOVE polka dots. My favorite dress as a little girl was blue with red/white polka dot sleeves. I called it my "granny" dress because my grandma had bought it for me and it was long...like to my ankles long.

    All my life I've loved polka dots in just about any color or size. And you are right, there is something about a little girl in polka dots. It makes me smile.

  3. Yes, It's the dots that "get" me any time! I find that I am so attracted to all dotted fabric. I especially love polka dotted dolly dresses. They bring back many very happy memories of my own dresses as a little girl!

  4. My favourite "big girl" dress was a party dress Auntie made me. It was a simple waisted short sleeved dress, with a sash that tied at the back. It was navy with white polka dots. I thought I was the height of sophistication!

  5. Oh yes, I LOVE polka dots, especially red and white. Is that why we love toadstools so much? :)

  6. I think anything you put on these darlings speaks Happy!

  7. Polka dots are a lovely thing, especially on dollies!


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