29 Jun 2011

Little Annie

I didn't put any dolls in the shop this week because I have been unwell with a stinky old cold.
This little doll Annie was supposed to go in the shop but now she will have to wait until July 14th.
She has been keeping me company this afternoon,
 looking at books like the lovely 'my heart wanders' by Pia Jane Bijkerk
 and yes she is reading upside down but she likes it that way and I was reading it the right way up.

Louis went back to Hobart today, he is off to Melbourne with some friends and then back to Uni.
He brought home a full garbage bag of washing and we just managed to get it all dry before he left.
 The boy birthdays are over for another year. 
It's time for lots of warming soups and stews and pies and roasts and on these bright sunny frosty days lots of walks in the middle of the beautiful day especially now that I feel so much better as my cold starts to go away.

Reading, upside down of course, she's a doll

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  1. Take care of yourself Jenny, I hope that it's just the one winter cold for you.

  2. I know how you feel, I've had a cold for the past few months. Got rid of the runny nose part, but the cough just won't leave me alone, LOL. It's hanging on for dear life!

    What a difference a dose of warm sunshine does though.

    Hope you're well on the mend very soon. I've been having lemon balm and pineapple sage tea, and noticed how much better I'm feeling. :)


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