4 Jun 2011


"The Greengrocer.

Plenty of greenstuff and fresh fruit is very desirable for health, but this does not necessarily mean the greengrocer's account need be a formidable one if one is careful to buy items in full season and at their cheapest and best.
To keep the greengrocer's account down, remember, too, the advantage of growing vegetables and salads in the garden, if you have one. They will be fresher and better, besides costing less. If the garden also provides fruit, you will, of course. be more than fortunate, for by bottling and preserving it you will be able to provide inexpensive sweets and puddings throughout the year."

The Book of Good Housekeeping, First Australian Edition, 1948.

found at the Op Shop today.

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  1. Very wise words :) There's nothing like finding a good vintage book at the opshop!

  2. I love vintage books, especially cookbooks. I recently bought a vintage cookbook that I remember my mother using when I was growing up. I love looking back at domestic things!



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