Give Away

9 Jun 2011

little red riding hood

There is a Give Away going on over on my dolly blog to celebrate five years of writing this blog and also reaching 500 Facebook fans. 

The give away started at the beginning of May so you might have already entered but if not pop over and leave a comment. 

Comments will close on 12th June at 10pm my time.

3 Responses to “Give Away”

  1. She is so adorable! The whole picture is sweet.

  2. Many Congratulations Jenny on five wonderful years of Blogging.

    What a sweet Poppet your dolly little Red Riding-Hood is.! Such adorable plaits too.!x

  3. I'm a reader of your blog and love your dolls, you inspire me, i would love to yoin the give away , It would be so great to have a little red ridinghood ......and happy blog congratulations to you.


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