1 Jun 2011

picture by Herbert Williams 1950s

So it's June, the start of the birthday season here at Chez Wren.

The three menfolk this month and then the three women folk, Kate and me plus my Mum are all in August.

No 'special' birthdays this year. 
After last year's effort of an 18th, 21st, and 50th all in one week and then a 13th birthday, brand new teenager in August I think we deserve a quite time this year. 
Well quietish.

Oh and I have just remembered, Mum reaches the big 80 this year.

Of course she says she doesn't want a fuss.
What to do, what to do. 
Ten weeks to figure it out.

The Happy Family, Little golden book, illustrator Corinne Malvern

School holidays have started and Kate is being a great help about the house as well as having time with her friends. 
She has been baking, yay! and, joy of joys, knitting.
 It does my heart good to see her just sit down and pick up her needles and off she goes. 
She knitting a scarf in 4ply yarn so it may take a while but she is enjoying it and not stressing over the time it takes but enjoying the process.

Andy is home too but he is sick with a flu kind of bug so he is less desirable as company, he is thoroughly sick of himself and of being at home.

Today Mum, my sister and I, organised the plaque for Dad's grave. 
That is the last official task that needed to be done. 
Now there is just the getting on with life and remembering,
lots of remembering happening at the moment.
 In the quite times  and sometimes in the busy times comes a memory and realisation that he just isn't here any more, so strange.

The three of us went for coffee after the cemetery and had a good chat and put the world to rights then went our separate ways.

ladies who take tea

3 Responses to “Family”

  1. Of course you will make a must. Queen for a Day!

  2. We had a birthday today and another next Tuesday, but that is as close as they get here. When the children were small I liked that the birthdays came every two months, time between to save up and also to get my inspiration and energy back. Now though it feels as if it makes the year go too fast.
    I'm sure you will make the birthday season very special.

    cheers Kate

  3. I love that last picture. I must try to remember to sit like that.


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